Woof&Brew seeks £250k to expand ‘drinks for dogs’ line

iStock_000089139143_SmallDoggy-drink startup Woof&Brew has launched a Seedrs campaign to expand its ‘drinks for dogs’ line. The UK-based startup believes its product-line is unique, with a range of herbal teas, tonics, and infused water-based drinks for dogs.

“Our range of healthy, herbal blends (for dogs) are a complimentary pet food, created and blended to support your dog’s specific needs”, said a spokesperson for the company. “The blends are all veterinary approved as safe and the herbs used are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits. Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and mine”.

Speaking to the Telegraph, co-founder and brand director Lisa Morton explained:

“Our dog tea bags aren’t just treats, they’re tonics as well, designed with and approved by vets. Everybody these days is on a bit of a health kick and that goes for everyone in the household including the dogs. It’s all part of the emotional connection we have with our pets these days – dogs are part of the family too.”

Since it’s launch the campaign has raised nearly £75k. To read about co-founder Steve Bennett discussing the company’s new beverage ‘Bottom Sniffer’, click here.

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