UK SMEs undecided on EU vote

flag of European Union or Europe banner on rough pattern metal background

According to a recent poll by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), close to half of the UK’s SMEs are undecided on whether to vote Brexit in the upcoming referendum.

Conducted together with 4,000 SME owners, the poll discovered that over half of the businesses felt inadequately informed of referendum goings-on. 38% said they needed more detail on the administrative consequences a Brexit would have on

UK SMEs. 33% wanted more information concerning the cost of EU membership.

The findings come just days after a number of prominent entrepreneurs – including Martha Lane Fox, Richard Reed, and Jacqueline Gold – signed a pro-EU membership letter.

“Our wide ranging research sends a very clear message on what information small businesses want from both official campaigns once they are appointed by the Electoral Commission”, says FSB policy director Mike Cherry.

“It is crucial that once appointed”, Cherry added, “that  both the ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ campaign groups tackle this information deficit”.

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