UK E-commerce Start-ups to scale in 2016

Bar graph risingAccording to the Royal Mail’s annual tracker study, 80% of the UK’s E-commerce start-ups are confident sales with increase in 2016.

The report, an analysis of start-up expectations and ambitions, discovered that 74% of E-commerce companies have increased sales in the last year. This is the highest increase in three years, and a marked improvement on 2013’s 49%.

Reasons for growth were largely accredited to customer satisfaction and punctual delivery service. However, despite increased confidence, 53% of E-commerce businesses surveyed felt the market had become more competitive. The increasing profusion of smartphones was identified as a primary cause.

“Confidence is continuing to grow this year” said Nick Landon, managing director of Royal Mail Parcels. “Technology is playing an evermore important role in the retail world”.

He added: “technology is influencing how people shop, where they shop and what they define as an excellent shopping experience. Our research shows that small online retailers are plugged in to the needs of the shopper and they are taking actions to enable them to meet the demands of the discerning online consumer”.

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