Tech for tots startup SAM Labs raises £3.2m

iStock_000076065345_SmallSam Labs, the creator of Internet of Things starter kits aimed at kids, has secured £3.2m in a fundraising led by Imperial Innovations Group. The Imperial College spinout, founded in 2011, last year raised £125k through a crowdfunding campaign.

“It’s amazing to have Imperial Innovations as our fist institutional investor” says Sam Labs CEO and founder. “Particularly given their excellent track record in science and engineering. Their scientific and creative approach are a huge source of inspiration for the construction kits we’ve built”.

Director of technology venture at Imperial Innovations Robert Bahns enthused:

“The SAM Labs wireless construction kits are encouraging young people to take an interest in technology and engineering, which is an issue we feel very passionately about. We have always championed UK innovation, particularly in STEM, and look forward to seeing how these products will enable young people to explore real ­world applications.”

SAM Labs asserts that over 1,000 educators have adopted the kits to explain concepts of coding, circuitry, and wireless connectivity to young children.

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