SMEs must adapt to survive, says Federation of Small Businesses

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Andy Wilox, policy convener of the Federation of Small Businesses, has warned in his New Year’s message that SMEs must embrace, not fear new digital technologies. He has also called on political parties to prioritise building a more robust Scottish economy in Holyrood’s May elections.

“Change is hard, but often necessary”, said Willox, addressing the fast-growing SME community. “That’s what we’ll be telling ourselves next week as we try to stick to the New Year’s resolutions. And, just as we swap the steak pies for salads at home, our minds also turn to how we can get our businesses into better shape”.

“This year, FSB published a report looking at digital disruption. We’ve urged our members not to end up like the video shop or the film developer. Instead, we make the case that small firms should harness the opportunities unlocked by technology and put digital at the centre of their 2016 plans for growth.”

Wilcox commended, after his simile-laden speech, the forward looking manifesto for the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May.

“At its heart is a call for the next Scottish government to focus its economic strength on building up the resilience of local economies and, hence local communities”.

“While inward investment and key sectors remain important for Scotland” he added, “there is much more to real, sustained economic growth than that”.

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