Simon Cowell and to launch 'X Factor for Tech'

Simon Cowell is planning to launch another TV talent show, however this time he is not looking for the next music superstar but instead, the next Mark Zuckerburg. and Simon Cowell have announced plans for the imaginatively named ‘X Factor for Tech’, claiming the show will be “out of this world.”

X Factor for Tech will provide a much needed boost to the UK startup scene. While X Factor created a couple of jobs for musicians, X Factor for Tech has the potential to create loads! In addition, the program will highlight the country’s young talent.

If Simon Cowell is indeed looking to find the next Zuckerburg, there is a significant danger that the hunt for showmanship and personality will overshadow the hunt for raw talent.

It will be interesting to see whether the reality TV format could be effectively adapted to find the next Mark Zuckerburg. What weekly tasks will the contestants have? How will they keep the audience engaged?

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