Scotland shaping up as global FinTech contender

Skyline of Edinburgh at sunset with HDR processing. Cityscape include Edinburgh Castle, Balmoral Hotel Clock Tower and the Scott monument.

According to chief executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE) Graeme Jones, Scotland is well placed to be a ‘serious global contender is FinTech’.

“The speed of development in financial technology is truly breath-taking and the industry in Scotland is well placed to be a serious global contender” says Jones. “The financial services cluster in Scotland is second only to London in the UK in scale and diversity, providing a critical mass to build on with the new developments created by FinTech”.

“Many of our universities are at the cutting edge of these developments and producing highly skilled graduates, but it is important we work together and share our knowledge of this rapidly changing field. Working together we can identify the emerging areas of demand and get the right skills in place at the right time”, he added.

Last week, Scotland’s new representative body for the financial services industry met for the first time. The group was chaired by Royal Bank of Scotland Head of Design Louise Smith, and brought together over 30 industry professionals.

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