Resurgence in entrepreneurial activity across UK & Ireland

Barclays has released a report that suggests both entrepreneurial activity and profitableness is on the rise for growing, private businesses in the UK and in Ireland.

Barclays’ Entrepreneurs Index shows that the amount of shares traded in growing businesses (with turnovers between £5m and £200m) has grown by 14% from second half of 2011 to second half of 2012 – indicating an uplift in entrepreneurial activity. The second half of 2012 saw 24k businesses in the UK and Ireland record shareholder changes, up from 13k in the first half 2012 and 21k in the second half of 2011. In addition, average profitability soared by 54% to £2m, compared to £1.7m in the first 6 months and £1.3m in the final half of 2011.

Based on data from Companies House, the report found that, over the same period, the industrial sector encountered the most significant increase in shares traded with the figure up by 70%.

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