London Business Angels announce new £420k Fund

With the BBC busy filming the forthcoming series of Dragons’ Den, many of you will be prompted to think about how you might find a dragon of your own. Aside from applying for the next series of Dragons’ Den (your five minutes of fame could await!) the best bet is to approach a business angel network.

Business angel networks put in front of a large number of investors and, in many cases, will help you to prepare your pitch too. But London Business Angels can go even further than this, offering you access to a new co-investment fund that could bring an additional £100k of investment into your business. It’s a bit like a funding equivalent of BOGOF!

Anthony Clarke, Managing Director of the London Business Angels (oh, and Chair of the British Business Angels Association too), said: “We look forward to receiving new deals from innovating SMEs seeking to take advantage of this additional funding potential”. So, if it’s fortune you’re interested in but without the additional fame then it might be worth checking out. But be warned – they receive up to 1000 business plans a year, of which only 40 to 50 are likely to presented to their investors. Not quite as straightforward as picking up a free deal in the supermarket then but certainly potentially more rewarding!

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