London 2012 success prompts £10m tourism funding boost

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that almost 10 million additional tourists are expected to visit the UK from overseas by the end of the decade under plans to capitalize on the success of the Olympic Games.

Hunt also announced record-breaking figures for visits to the UK and spending by tourists this year, on the back of which, the Culture Secretary announced another £10m funding for tourism campaigns in the UK and China – to ensure the interest in London and the UK generated by the Olympics continues.

The target is to increase the number of oversea visitors from just over 30 million per year to 40 million per year by 2020.

Of the £10m funding, £2m is allocated for the ‘Holiday at Home’ campaign – aimed at encouraging people to make more trips and holidays in the UK.

£8m would be targeted at the Chinese market – where the UK ranks low compared with other European countries as a holiday destination.

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