Level39: “one of world’s most internationally diverse tech hubs”

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Data released by Canary Wharf’s accelerator programme Level39 reveals the hub has become one of “the most internationally diverse tech hubs in the world”.

Home to 213 companies, with 71 based outside the UK, Level39 celebrates its third birthday this year. The accelerator is home to fast-growing companies spanning a diverse range of sectors, including fintech, security, bigdata, and retail.  TransferGo and GrowthIntel are just two of the accelerator’s alumni, with current members including WordRemit, Aim Brain, and Behavox.

“Funding for fintech is booming and global investors are pouring in funds”, finds Level39 in its report. “VC firms spent less than $1bn in Q2 2010 compared to nearly $3bn in Q1 2015 on fintech”.

“Our little island nation attracted £312m of fintech investment in the first six months of 2015, compared to just £24m for the whole of 2010.”

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