Latest Trend for Businesses: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Have you driven an electric vehicle (EV) yet? More and more people are switching over to the funky Renault Twizy, the classic Nissan Leaf, or the flashy Tesla Roadster. Businesses, meanwhile, are jumping into the game by providing EV charging stations so you can recharge your car while you shop, enjoy the cinema or spend an afternoon at the pub.

It wasn’t until recently that EV charging stations were even an option. Early-model electric vehicles had longer charge times, practically requiring all charging to be done overnight. However, the new vehicles have greatly-reduced charge times, meaning vehicles can now be charged in 30 minutes – just enough time to visit the bank, get a haircut or get your shopping done.

Why are businesses so eager to embrace EV charging stations? Simple: they want your business. Electric vehicles are here to stay, and supermarket owners, restaurateurs and other savvy businesspeople know that if you have the choice between a location that charges your car and a location that doesn’t, you’ll pick the one with the EV station. Even the London Underground has gotten into the game, offering EV charging stations at 15 of its car parks. The United States is following suit, establishing EV charge stations in states like California and Rhode Island. It has yet to fully develop the UK’s infrastructure, however. 

Meanwhile, charging your car at an EV charging station means you save money at home. Energy bills are high on everyone’s minds right now, with both UK and US companies doing their best to provide low-cost alternatives for consumers. According to The Energy Shop, “the UK energy market is one of the most advanced deregulated markets,” with our neighbors across the pond following suit and offering deregulated options similar to those offered at in the US. What’s the key takeaway here? Consumers want options, and they also want incentives for buying electric vehicles. With energy companies and businesses coming together to provide EV charging stations, everybody wins.

If you need more reasons to purchase an electric vehicle, consider these: you receive 25% off the cost of your car courtesy of the Plug-In Grant, and depending on your location may be eligible to skip Vehicle Excise Duty and other road tax payments. You also have the benefit of knowing you’re doing your part towards emissions control, and you’re helping to make the electric vehicle a part of Britain’s landscape.

Once you have your car, use the Charge Your Car website or smartphone app to find an EV charge station near you. Charge Your Car has catalogued every EV charge point in the UK, and provides maps showing you which charge stations are near by, as well as whether or not they are currently being used by other cars. Then join the Source London network and pay an annual fee of £10 per vehicle to use any networked EV charge stations for no cost.

With all these benefits, it’s clear why businesses and and government have agreed that electric cars are the way of the future. Once you start seeing stylish electric vehicles busily recharging at EV charging stations outside your favorite supermarket or shopping center, you’ll likely start looking for a new electric vehicle of your own.

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