Kickstarter crowdfunding website launches in the UK

Kickstarter – the Crowdfunding website – has launched in the UK. The site has been established in the USA for some time and has raised more than £211m (with 5% of each successful fund raise going to Kickstarter) for creative of product-based ideas.

Since launching in the USA in 2009, over 70,000 projects have been pitched on the site – with 40% of these succeeding in securing the funding they were looking for.

Businesses pitching on Kickstarter offer a range of perks in return for money from investors. Pledges can range from £1 to £1000’s. When first launched, the site was focussed on funding for artistic projects, but it has since become known for attracting tech based businesses.

The most successful pitch on Kickstarter has been Ouya – a video games console – which raised $8,596,474 after asking for $950,000.

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