How Businesses can benefit from employing graduates of Vocational Courses and Qualifications.

Students nowadays feel a little more than disappointed with their future prospects in the job market. Especially since they have seen previous graduates struggling to find work. At their expense you can now find employers who will be keen to take on a graduate for a customer service role or office job because they are over-qualified for the position.

This is a reason why more and more students are now choosing to take vocational degrees at Colleges and Universities. For employers and small businesses the shift from students undertaking traditional academic degrees to more vocational courses could lead to several advantages for them.

Job-specific Vocational Degrees equates to a more technically astute professional:

One of the key advantages that a person with a vocational degree holds over somebody with an academic degree is the relevant knowledge and training within a given field. Classes taken are directly related to the profession and they all relate to a specific topic. As a result the student is more likely to hit the ground running whenever they start their new role.

On the job training and internships present a more experienced candidate:

Courses offered in vocational schools can take up to two years to complete. This is because the subjects and courses that students take are centralized on the specific technical skill they are studying. General education courses are limited given that vocational schools concentrate on enhancing their students’ knowledge about job-specific skills, giving more time for on-the-job training and internships. Due to the nature of the courses taken by students, vocational schools are also more cost effective for students than three-year university courses because of the time it takes to finish one’s education. 

A vocational education ensures that the people entering these fields meet the needs of the industry: 

It is true that being highly specialised in a given field places a prospect in an ideal position to get a job. In a recession where employment opportunities are barren, this option could provide lucrative career prospects. Trendy vocational courses from City and Guilds in PR, fashion buying, branding and merchandising are known to take students directly into their chosen career path. However there are still exceptions to this rule. For fields such as information technology, competition for jobs often comes in the form of computer engineers and scientists who have a more comprehensive degree.

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