Government paves road ahead for driverless cars

3824779905_04e793711a_oThe UK government is encouraging the development of driverless car technology, with a new £20m fund.

In a statement released earlier this week, the government announced eight projects which have been awarded a share of the fund. The projects range from solutions for visually-impaired drivers, to simulation trials for autonomous pods.

The shortlisted projects are the first to draw down funding from the government’s £100m Intelligent Mobility Fund, outlined by Chancellor Osborne in 2015’s Spring budget.

“Our cars of the future will be equipped with technologies that will make getting from A to B safer, fast, and cleaner”, said Business secretary Sajid Javid. “They will alert drivers of accidents ahead and be able to receive information from their surroundings about hazards, increasing the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians”.

He enthused “Britain is a world-leader in research and development in such innovative technologies which improve lives and create opportunity for all. that is why this government has protected the £6bn science budget and is providing up to £20m for these projects”.

For more information on the Intelligent Mobility Fund, and each of the eight projects, click here.

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