Government looks to shake-up UK digital strategy


Ed Vaizey, UK Digital Economy Minister, has made clear his intentions to further develop the UK’s digital revolution. And he’s called on the tech community, and even members of the public, to contribute ideas on how to shape the digital strategy over the next 5 years.

Vaizey has made it clear he wishes to make sweeping changes, with an end-goal of building a nation that embodies digital innovation.

“Every part of the UK economy and our lives has been digitalised” says Vaizey, “from how we shop and entertain ourselves to the way we travel to war and manage our health. This digital fever exploded from the cluster in east London, and has spread to every part of the county, making the UK truly a ‘Tech Nation’”.

Vaizey insisted on the need to fully embrace an impeding digital transformation, and called on the nation’s sense of pride to do so.

“Come 2020, undoubtedly the UK landscape will have changed to be firmly in the digital age. But how do you want to shape that? Let’s show the rest of the world how it’s done”.

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