GCHQ alumni secure ‘significant investment’ for data intelligence startup

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Founded by ex-GCHQ engineers, data intelligence platform Ripjar has raised a ‘significant’ sum from Winton Ventures.

Cheltenham-based Ripjar allows users to analyse and visualise real-time information from ‘bulks of structured and unstructured data’. The company encompasses a number of different technologies, including natural language processing, matching learning, and visual analytics.

“Data capture and analysis is becoming increasingly important to the day-to-day operations of organisations of all sizes” says Ripjar CEO Tom Griffin. “There is a need for new, advanced tools that facilitate this process and, consequently, enable organisations to focus their own resources elsewhere”.

Director of Winton Ventures Owen McCormack also enthused; “We are excited by the potential of Ripjar’s profound data analytics knowledge, which is a central component that underpins and complements our own business, previous investments and partnerships”. He added “We are confident that Ripjar will emerge as a market leader in the near future”.

Other cybersecurity investments made by Winton Ventures, the venture arm of the Winton Group, include a $2.25 seed-stage backing into Panseer in November 2015.

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