Funders are in Residence

Getting to know funders is sometimes the biggest challenge for businesses, particularly those seeking equity investment from a venture capital fund or business angel. Sending a decent business plan by email might get you noticed but you really can’t beat the personal approach. So, the idea of a “Funder in Residence” is one we like very much. The idea is that a representative of a fund works in a location occupied by startups and small businesses. Those businesses can easily get feedback at the early stages and the Funder in Residence can keep an eye out for great investment opportunities. It’s a win-win situation.

So where can you find a Funder in Residence? Well, The South West Angel and Investor Network (SWAIN) have announced that from the 1st August 2011 they will be moving to the SETsquared Offices in Bristol to become Funder-in-residence. In addition SWAIN will be working with SETsquared to develop the SETsquared and SWAIN Technology Investor Network where SETsquared investors will be able to join with SWAIN investors for specifically technology focused events.

Commenting on the collaboration Philip Tellwright said, “SWAIN have enjoyed a long standing working relationship with SETsquared and now is the time to formalise our association. Sharing offices with young dynamic businesses will enable SWAIN to get closer to our target market and running technology specific events will have significant appeal to investors known to both SWAIN and SETsquared”. This sounds like a great idea to us!

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