Fund in Leeds makes a comeback

In the world of music, comebacks are in vogue. In the slightly less glamourous world of business funding, though, it’s rather less usual to see a fund “reform”, particularly in the current economic climate. So, you can imagine our surprise on reading that Business Growth Fund in Leeds has risen again. The fund, which has been closed following the end of the Leeds Local Enterprise Growth Initiative, offers grants of up to £10k to help businesses buy capital equipment and make alterations to land or premises.

Interested? Well, as is common for grant funding there are some conditions to meet: for example, the scheme requires the expansion plans of the company to be linked to local recruitment, particularly of the unemployed or young people. Undoubtedly, this will prevent some businesses from applying, but given it’s a grant it does seem reasonable that the fund is looking to get something positive from their investment. And whatever the specifics, it’s just nice to see some grant funding appearing not disappearing for once!

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