Exports herald bright future for UK industry

Businesses confidence about future revenues and profitability are at a three year high, the DHL / BCC Trade Confidence Index (TCI) suggests.

Based on the responses of 1500 firms nationwide, the report, which began in 2010, revealed that the sales and export orders for manufacturers and service firms increased in the final quarter of 2012. Businesses saw a 4.2% rise on the previous quarter and 14.2% rise on the previous year.

The latest figures do to some degree provide British firms with an optimistic outlook but  it is too early for complacency given that the Eurozone, which accounts for almost half of the UK’s trade, is still in the midst of an economic crisis. However, with the British Pound recently falling against the American Dollar and Euro, exporters might see their overseas sales continue to rise as British goods and services become cheaper abroad.

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