EU ‘good for business’, say UK tech entrepreneurs

flag of European Union or Europe banner on rough pattern metal background

According to TechUK’s latest report, UK tech entrepreneurs believe EU membership is ‘good for business’.  The findings show a significant majority of 70% are anti-Brexit, while just 15% are pro. A further 15% are undecided. The survey, which polled 277 UK tech SME owners between February 23 and March 7 this year, was released earlier today.

Anti-Brexit business owners felt enduring EU membership would make the UK more attractive to investors, facilitate better trade relationships with the EU, and enable the UK to be more competitive globally. The same party felt leaving would create uncertainty.

Those in the pro-Brexit camp voted in lieu of what they felt were regulatory burdens placed on the UK by the EU, as well as insufficient UK influence on EU rulings.

“Most of these companies, large and small, have customers and or suppliers across the EU”, says Julian David, TechUK CEO. “They are saying they will still have to comply with EU rules, whatever the UK decides on 23rd June. A British exit would mean the UK giving up control over how those rules are set. That could put UK business at a real disadvantage”.

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