Can SMEs help the lumbering NHS to innovate?

9 months ago Colin Callow was appointed as the Head of the NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC). His focus has been to support tech innovation that can help solve the problems that incur huge costs to the health service. The aim is to reach out to SMEs as a source of innovation.

There has been some success to date, with the NIC rolling out a number of important innovations by SMEs. These include:

  • KwickScreen – a portable, retractable, room divider which provides isolation or privacy solutions in hospitals when required, that could save the NHS’s intensive care units £57m a year by isolating patients from superbugs like MRSA more efficiently.
  • Big White Wall – a revolutionary LiveTherapy that offers live online psychotherapy, that could save the NHS’s mental health services £37,000 per 100 patients.

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