Brexit bad for M&A activity

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Findings from The Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor suggest ‘the majority of UK dealmakers believe a so-called Brexit would have a negative impact for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity at home and in Europe’. Or so wrote William Turvill for CityAM this morning.

Published today, the report surveyed 1,500 global dealmakers – including 135 UK-based dealmakers within the last month. 77 percent of UK respondents believed Brexit would be detrimental for M&A activity in the UK and Europe.

“In the UK, dealmakers appear more reticent about starting deals” says Philip Whitchelo,

Intralinks’ vice president of strategy and product marketing. “Which is a likely result of the pending EU referendum. Over the next quarter, we expect UK early-stage M&A activity to simmer rather than boil until we know the result on the 23rd of June”.

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