Bit of good news: Bitcoin currency hits a 2015 high

bitcoinNews broke today that the digital currency Bitcoin recorded its highest value for 2015. The currency has steadily been gaining speed all month, but today surpassed its July peak to hit a record $320. This is good news for investors in the currency, as it puts the bitcoin up at 37% over the month.

During 2014 Bitcoin prices dropped dramatically. They fell from an encouragingly high $1,150, and showed few signs of recovering at the start of 2015. Indeed, the currency began the year by falling 43% to crash through its $180 floor.

The last Bitcoin peak came in July this summer. The cryptocurrency increased by nearly $300 as Greeks bought it in their droves when their country’s financial future looked ominous. However, the currency fell back down again in August.

This latest peak, though, is the culmination of a slow and steady rise. No wonder it’s caused experts to venture the new value could be here to stay.

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