£25 billion price tag on our nation's passion for food

According to a newly released report by Kitchenette and Nesta, the UK ‘eating out’ sector is worth an impressive £25 billion. It has defied the recession trend by seeing the highest growth in employee numbers of any industry between 2010 and 2011 and currently provides 1.46 million jobs. 

All very promising of course, but the authors of the report believe more can and should be done to unlock the sector‘s potential. Top of their list of recommendations comes the need for red-tape to be cut to allow fledgling entrepreneurs entry to the market, as well as a call for the government to do more to open public sector contracts up to small businesses. Additionally, they hope to promote a concerted effort to boost exports of British artisan foods and brands, as well as raise awareness of the avenues for funding such hopeful businesses.

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